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As an innovative leader in online learning, Testament Business Academy creates opportunities for students to be highly engaged throughout their educational experience.


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Our mission is to provide the African educational experience to anyone, anytime — focusing on convenience, flexibility, and quality in delivering accredited degrees and certificates online.


To be the best online higher institution of learning in Africa where educational needs are met easily for economic growth, creativity, sustainability and development.


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Testament Business Academy is one of the first four years (4) e-learning, open and distance learning program with a touch of in-class training and tutorial sessions in Nigeria higher education system with nearly 300 students. Testament Business Academy provides an accessible, quality West African States education online to address the needs of individuals who seek a higher education beyond the traditional campus experience. Partnering with other universities in African State’s academic units and colleges allows Testament Business Academy to offer more than 60 degree and certificate programs developed by affiliated universities and facilitated by Testament Business Academy faculty.

Academic Excellence within Your Reach

Testament Business Academy has been providing quality education online since 2009, advancing new knowledge, contributing to research, and enabling creative expression no matter where our students are located. Tebites who earn their degrees online develop unique ways of understanding, experiencing, and applying their education that often lead to success and advancement in their career.

Successful Students, Graduates, and Alumni

The best way to understand Testament Business Academy is to look at our students. They are leaders in organizations, workplaces, and public offices. They manage everyday commitments and adult responsibilities, balancing work, family, and education. Each of our students brings a wealth of unique life experiences and professional qualifications to their educational experience, enriching the learning environment not only for themselves but also for their peers in their courses. As World Campus graduates, these Tebites harness the comprehensive skillset gained during their online education which informs exceptional work and community service.

Preparing Students to Succeed through Engaged Scholarship

As an innovative leader in online learning, Testament Business Academy creates opportunities for students to be highly engaged throughout their educational experience. Access to adaptive curriculum, renowned faculty, a global student body, research opportunities, and the world’s largest alumni network, allows our students to thrive in an online environment.

Providing the African Experience to Students Everywhere

Testament Business Academy is the centralized online delivery unit of African-Nigerian course work that works with academic units and universities to deliver more than 60 undergraduate degrees and certificate programs online to learners at a distance. Testament Business Academy launched the TEBA e-learning Campus in 2017 in order to make online degree programs available to students beyond the reach of our physical campuses. Today, Testament Business Academy specializes in serving adult learners, corporate partners, and the public sector.

Achieving TEBA’s Mission and Goals

Testament Business Academy is composed of units skilled in developing and delivering high-quality degrees as well as teams of professionals focused solely on providing our students with the custom academic and support services necessary for success. Our teams work closely with our affiliated universities in Africa and other continents and academic departments residing within the universities to develop and deliver high quality programs online to learners who choose not to attend a physical university campus due to geography or life factors.

Helping Students Build Better Communities Around the World

Our goal is to encourage inquiry and active learning, helping our students gather knowledge to solve problems, make decisions, and define values around real-world issues that apply to their work and community environment. While some of the programs we offer can also be found in residence, we collaborate with some of our affiliated universities’ world class faculty to develop unique programs that provide rich educational opportunities suited to the market-based needs and rich professional experiences of our online learners.

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